The zine is intended to be a peak into the minds of our members and draft partners; how they got here, what they do, and most importantly, what makes them uniquely themselves. It is a celebration of everyone who has passed through our door and continues to spend their time and energy inside these four walls. A collection of stories told through visuals and written word: a small sampling of the immense creativity within the human spirit.
Everyone is creative.

Art Directors/Integrators: S. Bernard, R. Hunley, J. Tod
Zine Ambassador Team: R. Avellar, A. Hughes, O. Mockler, B. Turner, A. Wilkerson, R. Zettler, A. Zettler

zine submission form

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    More Information

    The zine will be a collection of:
    1. First person journal-style entries, stories, poems, lyrics, recipes, written words of all kinds.
    2. Catalogues of images/artwork/photographs for our members to exhibit.
    3. Editorial recounts of programs/happenings at draft.
    4. Instructional writing prompts and interactive pieces.

    Here are a couple of prompts to help you craft your submission:
    1. How did you get into practicing your current medium/work?
    2. What brought you into draft?
    3. What has been a foundational point in your creative journey?
    4. What places have contributed most to your life and where you are today?
    5. What is a crystallizing memory that holds special weight in your life?
    6. When did you find yourself looking at something through brand new eyes?
    7. Who do you attribute as having the most impact on your life today?