What is draft?

Located in Fountain Square, draft is a shared work and gathering space geared toward creatives and those spending time on creative pursuits.

Open Space and Private Studio Memberships are open to those looking for shared work and meeting space with a community of like-minded people. For members, draft is open for independent work and meetings during the week. Events hosted by the draft team and fellow members happen throughout the year and are aimed at providing tools, collaboration opportunities, and connection to topics relevant to members, small business ownership, creative economy, rest, and fun.

For the community, draft is a space for hosting and provides several spaces for private events, workshops, wellness activities, gallery shows, and anything you may think up! Within draft, there is a Sunroom, Garden, and Main Space that are all meant to be flexible for your next idea or offering. Reach out and let’s get planning!

How do I become a member?

All potential members should first book a quick tour of the space.

After touring, you will fill out our online membership application where you’ll indicate whether you prefer an Open Space or (if available) Private Studio membership.

The draft team will review your application and if accepted, you will be notified, and we’ll finalize contract and payment processing.

Part-time Open Space Membership (4 days / mo) : $75 / mo
Full-time Open Space Membership (M-F) : $150/ mo
Studio Membership (24/7) : starting at $600 / mo

Tell me more about events and collaborations in the space!

Easily flexible, draft’s Main Space, Sunroom, and Garden can quickly become a gallery, stage, wellness space, presentation and workshop space, or private dinner gathering.

We welcome intentional partnerships and collaborations for private, ticketed, and public events.

Reach out and let us know what you’re dreaming up!

What is included in membership?

draft membership includes:

  • High-speed internet
  • Printing and copy services
  • Bookable rooms for meetings
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Private phone booth for calls
  • Tinker coffee and local tea
  • Kitchen and fridge
  • Mobile-credential access to space
  • Discounted private event rental rates
  • Regular member-only events
  • Open Space members have access Monday – Friday, 7a – 7p
  • Private Studio members have access 24/7
What access to the space do I have as a member?

Open Space members have access Monday – Friday, 7a – 7p

Private Studio members have access 24/7

The Sunroom, Garden, and Main Space are available for member and community private event and gatherings. Monday – Thursday, all events in the Main Space will not start until after 5pm. Exceptions may take place, and for all events, draft members will be notified.

Do I have to be a member to book the Garden, Sunroom, or Main Space?


The Sunroom, Garden, Main Space, and Conference Room are available for both members and community partners to book during the week.

We are always looking for intentional community partners to take advantage of the various spaces. Intimate spaces indoors and outside are designed for your events, lectures, performances, gallery shows, celebrations, and private dinners.

Members are encouraged to host public and private events at draft, and are the first to hear about any happenings in the space. For all events, members are invited to use the shared kitchen, furniture, and space to make it what you want. To make it your own.

For member events and private bookings, your membership means a discounted rate.

Note: Conference Room is only available to members.

As a member, what if I need to take a private call or have a small group meeting?

Members can book 90 minute time slots for the upstairs Conference Room or pop into the downstairs phone booth if available for private calls.

What are the membership terms?

Open Space memberships are month to month at a rate of $150 per month for full-time access or $75 per month for part-time access (4 days per month).

Private Studio memberships start with a 6-month contract and then are month-to-month at the contracted rate.

A 30 day notice is required for cancellation of all memberships.

Is draft ADA accessible?

Both the front and back entrance to draft is fully accessible as are all first-floor spaces and restroom.

Am I allowed to bring my pet or friend?

Pets are not allowed at draft, sorry!

At this time, we’d love to have your friend or colleague tour the space and get a sense of whether membership is of interest.

We offer a part-time (4 days per month) Open Space membership of $75 per month that is a great way to try out draft!

Who is behind the making of draft?

draft was the dream of Aaron and Rebecca Zettler. Creative makers themselves, the couple designed, built, and led the project from the start. The Zettlers wanted to create a place for the creatives alongside and after them, and draft started there. And from that start, they brought in dozens of makers, designers, visionaries, and creatives to bring the full space to life.

We’re glad you’re here!